Ireland has a beautiful landscape which you can explore by bike. Cycle tours in the country are in plenty to better enable you to view the beauty that is Ireland by yourself or on a guided tour. The good thing about these tours is that they are well-planned and thought out such that you will have adequate food, resting places, and amenities awaiting you at every stop. What’s more, you need not lug your bags around on these tours as there are people to carry your luggage as you tour the incredible landscapes in Ireland.
Our team is eagerly awaiting your call so that we can set you up with the ideal cycle tour for your needs. Here is an overview of the trips in which you can take part.


South West Cycling Tours

These tours take place in the south west of Ireland, and they come with a ton of activities, as well as countless opportunities to explore Ireland’s natural landscapes. Here are some excellent routes on these tours.

The Ring of Kerry

This tour takes eight days and seven nights, during which you get to explore fantastic scenery around the Ring of Kerry. Features include mountain ranges and water sources such as lakes as well as flora and fauna. Cyclists get to explore backroads in the country where the traffic is limited to enable them to enjoy their cycling. Accommodation offered during this tour is of high standards such that you get to have private bath facilities. If you wish, you can have other accommodation arranged for you.

Cycling distances are in the ranges of forty kilometers going up, and adults can efficiently manage these distances. It is essential that you train for the tours beforehand to ensure that you are fit enough for the task ahead. Children under the age of thirteen cannot take part in such races.

Other cycling tours in the south-west include the West Cork and Kerry Tour and the West Cork Coastline Tour.

The West and North West Cycling Tours

The most famous of these tours is the Clare and the Burren Tour which takes eight days and seven days to come to an end. The great thing about this tour is that it features numerous backroads which are free of traffic. As you cycle, you will notice cracked limestone and exotic flowers adorning the surroundings, thus making the scenery breathtaking.

On this journey, you will get to experience traditional Irish music at each stop for the nights on which you are on tour, thus making the entire activity a way to reach deeper into Ireland’s roots. Accommodation, food and other amenities are of the highest standards, and our team members will ensure that you have a great time.

Other routes in this category include the Wild West Mayo Tour, the Highlands of Donegal Tour and the Connemara, Galway and Mayo Tour.

Northern Ireland Cycling Tours

There aren’t many tours in this category. The Glens of Antrim Tour is a great way to explore the beauty of Glens as you exercise in the outdoors. There isn’t much traffic in the region, and as such, cycling will be a breeze as you get to bond with cyclists in your group.

Self-guided cycling tours

If you wish to embark on a cycling tour on your own, it is possible, provided that you have adequate knowledge of the areas in which you are heading. Our team members will provide you with information on routes to follow, where to stay and what fun things you can do when cycling.

Ensure that you get an insurance cover and that you are in great shape before embarking on a cycling tour to avoid facing challenges along the way. Enjoy your journey!