There are many activities in and around Clifden. Here are some of the activities in which you can engage while in the town.

August 2: Community Bingo Nights

This event will take place at the Clifden Town Hall as from eight thirty at night till late into the night. It takes place each Thursday, and hundreds of people show up to try their luck. It is a great time to bond with people living in the town as you work your chance in the game.
All proceeds from the game go to community projects, and thus your efforts will go a long way toward improving people’s lives.

August 3: Friday Market

If you want a closer look at what Clifden has to offer, the market is a great place to start. This market day is a weekly event, and it starts early in the morning. Traders bearing all sorts of commodities flock to the Clifden Market Square in a bid to make a sale.
From clothes to fresh produce, you will have lots of options from which to choose. Be sure to pop in early to get the best products in the market.

August 3: Live Music

To music lovers in Clifden and its environs, 3rd August will be a memorable day. Bands will be playing at several locations in the town all day, and you can move from place to place, sampling the different types of music.
Some of the venues where you can enjoy the music include but are not limited to EJ Kings Bar, Atlantic Coast Hotel, Lowry’s Bar and The Signal Bar. At these events, there will be various musicians, both upcoming and seasoned, eager to play their music for the crowds. Be sure to indulge.
If you are not in Clifden on this day, worry not for places such as Letterfrack, Kilkieran and Ballyconneely will also have live music shows.

August 3: 50/50 Draw

Feeling lucky? Then it is the opportune time to try your hand at the 50/50 draw that takes place every other Friday in Clifden. You can grab some tickets at pubs and local shops in the area as you wait and see if you will emerge the winner in the draws.

August 5: Rugby Weekly Lotto

This event takes place in various locations where you get a chance to try your luck at winning numerous prizes. Some of the awards include the jackpot and find the joker. What’s more, you can even clinch an award for being in attendance. If you miss this opening, you can catch another of its kind the next Sunday. A ticket will only cost you two Euros. If interested, you can quickly get hold of a card in most public venues.

Festival of the sea (August 3- August 12)

This event will take place as from third August through to twelfth August, a period during which a multitude of activities will take place. Some of the activities in store for attendees include the midnight walk were donations to RNLI will take place, a fun triathlon, a family sports day, a garden trail and bingo. Also included in the package are voyages, buffets, table quizzes, bat walks and produce markets.

Dog show (August 6)

This event will take place in August and dog owners, and their pets from across Ireland will have an opening to compete for the top prizes. This show has come a long way since its formation and is now very popular at present. There are tons of classes in the competition where dogs get to compete.
If you wish to register your dog for the event, you can do so by filling an online registration form or do so on the competition date. All dogs are eligible for the competition, and it is a great way to bond with your family as you make some new friends on that day.
Clifden is teeming with tons of activities for tourists and residents alike. Be sure to catch part of the action to enjoy your stay better.